Mini Multiverse


We live in this one physical world. But really, each of us lives in the little worlds in our heads, don’t we? Like bubbles that we see the world through. Actually I think it’s more like a haze, a cloud of stuff like Pig Pen in peanuts. But instead of the haze of dust at his feet, it’s a cloud of ideas around our heads. When we meet people we have a connection with, it’s our bubbles that are connecting. If we are lucky, 80%-90% of our bubbles overlap (because 100% is never really possible) and they are what we call kindred spirits. When a group of these get together, their versions of the world, their bubbles, combine and get bigger. When their combined bubble gets big enough, it then becomes what we call reality.

(To be continued.)

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A Simple Stand


Made an iPhone stand out of the cardboard that came with my Simple debit card.  The perfect way to watch Friday Night Lights.

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Strange stories, Amazing facts


I didn’t read that many books when I was younger, except maybe the entire Sweet Valley Twins series, R.L. Stine, and V.C. Andrews’ “Flower in the Attic”. What I do remember is reading this Reader’s Digest book I found in our house. It was one of their special edition books, and it was called “Strange Stories, Amazing Facts: Stories that are bizarre, unusual, odd, astonishing, incredible… but true.” This photo is not mine but ours looked exactly like it — all worn out and almost unreadable. But then again, of course this is what a book like this is supposed to look like, right?

I keep remembering this one story. It was someone recounting their near-death experience. She was visited by a ghost-of-christmas-past type of being who took her through a journey of her past, and for each instance, she would feel exactly how she made someone else feel. It really gives context to that quote about how people will forget what you said or did, but will never forget how you made them feel.

It’s one of my flashbulb memories, and is something that keeps coming back to me from time to time.

(It probably influenced my “Feeling Chip” idea.)

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What does Nothing look like?


How many times in your life have you had to think long and hard about what you believe in and who you want to be? I think I’m going through it again right now. The last time was when I was applying for grad school. I’m now done with grad school. I guess this is what people call “life-defining moments.”

I remember the first time I started questioning things was in first or second year high school, or maybe it was in college? I don’t remember that well. I was at the dinner table with my brother who a little older than me. I can’t remember how we got to the topic, but I started questioning the things we were “learning” in C.L.E. (which stood for Christian Life Education). “Jesus died on the cross for our sins. What does that mean? And what would be different now at this moment, at this dinner table, if Jesus did not die?” I never really understood it, and I’m not sure my classmates did either, but everyone read the assigned readings and scored very high on tests, because we answered everything we were supposed to answer.

Our topic somehow moved on to the idea of the end of the world. What does that mean? Will the world ever end? What does that look like? Will it just be black space? But is nothing black? Nothing is nothing! Not even black. It won’t even be white. Because white is still something. Our minds can’t even conceive “nothing”!

I just created a Quora thread on it here.

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A very thoughtful driver

So I learned that this screwdriver that comes with all assemble-it-yourself furniture pieces is called a hex key. What I want to talk about tonight is the hex key that came with the Muji side table we recently bought.

The Japanese have struck again! The design is genius. While most hex keys (ie. Ikea) are flat in the end, this has a sort of waist close to the end, and tapers at the end, forming a hex ball. What this does, is it allows me to screw the screw at an angle! Which is exactly what I had to do because the screw was too close to the underside of the table.



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Another life goal!

I love these projects that use the city as a playground for doing guerrilla… helping. This one is from a project called Fabrique | Hacktion in France, where they sell a kit of parts such as a hand-crank iPhone charger, hooks, and light reflectors — so anyone can modify their city to be more useful.

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Life goal

“…and it was so satisfying and fun, that I thought, I want to figure out how to get paid sharpening pencils.”
“…a brand new freshly sharpened pencil that hasn’t been applied to the page yet. It just makes you think about the past of our country and the future of our country…”

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